About Us

Lead instructor, Trey Carter opened Dynasty Jiu Jitsu in July of 2020. Graduating from Ozark High school,  Coach Carter wrestled for 10 years before transitioning to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2010. Beginning his journey training under Brian Stubner, he worked his way through the ranks of Jiu Jitsu, and through 10 years of dedication and commitment to the sport has earned his brown belt. His passion, as an Ozark alumni, is to bring Brazilian jiu jitsu to the Ozark community and allow the sport and community to have an impact on kids, youth, and adults in the same way that wrestling and Jiu Jitsu has impacted his own life.

Dynasty Jiu Jitsu is affiliated with Springfield BJJ, located in Battlefield, Missouri and the Caio Terra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association. Being apart of Dynasty Jiu Jitsu allows you to be connected to an even wider community of athletes, coaches, and training partners to help develop your skills and give plenty of opportunities for additional training and seminars.

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